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Anyone who’s thinking about traveling should really stop pondering and start taking action. Before I left to travel Asia, I was worried about all sorts of stupid stuff that never came to fruition. Thinks like, will i need hiking boots, will i need malaria tablets, etc. The truth of the matter is, I could have easily left my residence in the US and traveled to Asia with nothing more than a back pack and some money.

Don’t bother going to a travel agency either. They will try to tie you into all sorts of deals. They’ also try to convince you that their deals are convenient as you’ll be able to change your flight schedule for only $50. The fact is… you’ll never want to change your flight plans–period! It just doesn’t happen. So why pay for expensive flights, when you can just turn up to an airport… any airport… and find a last minute deal for fraction of the price?

You’ll soon learn to make your money go as far as possible. After all… that’s kinda what it’s all about–as soon as you run out of money… then you’ve gotta come back home… so make it last as long as possible.

Last minute accommodation is abundant in Asia. Much like your flights… don’t bother booking accommodation ahead of time… unless you’re going to arrive at your destination late at night. Just ask a taxi driver that you’re looking for somewhere to stay and they will drop you off somewhere suitable. Although… be careful as some taxi drivers get commission for taking travelers to certain destinations… which may compromise the quality of what is offered.

Stick to local food. When you’re in rural areas… locals try to offer food to please western pallets… but they may not necessarily now how to keep, prepare or serve it. Just stick to eating what the locals eat… and you wont go far long. In Asia i strongly recommend you avoid dairy products. Refrigeration standards and technology can be a bit… old… so it is entirely possible that frozen dairy products, for example, have not been stored correctly. This can make consumption very dangerous…. so if you want to stay healthy on your trip and not end up in a hospital for several weeks–avoid!

Most places that cater for travelers are pretty safe at night. However! Always ask your accommodation provider for their advice as some places can present risks. Theft in some places is common place. The robbers in Asia don’t mess around… so you could be seriously hurt if involved in an incident.

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